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Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers and Implant Crown


Dr. Pollack and his dental team provided a collaborative environment for the restoration of my smile. After years of tetracycline damage and early damage to a front tooth certain events years later provided the opportunity to begin the restorative process. This was not to be completed overnight. Having several different options available to me, the overall program and commitment was to be substantial. It was clear from my first meeting with Dr. Pollack and his team that this was going to take some time and all participants had to sign for the duration.

Firstly we had to address the appropriate course of action for the front tooth that had deteriorated over the years and now had to be replaced. Once we laid the ground work for this tooth we could begin to discuss the overall smile and how we would accomplish the great results I now find myself with. A great smile is not something I was born with. Braces as a teenager straightened my teeth only to be followed by years of tetracycline damage and later the replacement of a front tooth. That front tooth never quite matched my other teeth. Further complicating the match and installation of the replaced tooth was the tetracycline damage. A match was never achieved. A smile yes, but one that was certainly not rewarding. As we evaluated tooth structure, color, and number of teeth to repair the involvement of the team and Dr. Pollack became quite apparent. It was a system of checks and balances. In and out, back and forth came the team, Dr. and my wife all providing great input and support. It was a comfort level one needs when making changes to your appearance, it was life changing. This process made my choices, my wife’s help and concurrence much easier than expected. We were now armed with a program that would take 18 months to complete with support from all, the entire time. Over the next 18 months, it is sufficient to say that whenever I needed help Dr. Pollack and his team were there. As I recall it was late in the day, on a weekend that I had to make a call to repair a retainer that I had broken. It had to be replaced or repaired before an important business presentation that Monday. Within hours I was in Dr. Pollack’s office evaluating how to get me back on track for Monday morning. Without a hiccup things off without a hitch, he achieved success. I now find myself six months later looking in the mirror admiring the results and wondering why I waited so long. As I’ve said this was a big commitment and one that Dr. Pollack prepared me for not only just prior to and during the process but years later as I returned for annual checkups and the like. This would have been very difficult period had I not had Dr. Pollack’s, the team’s and my wife’s support. For this, I thank you all.


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