Early Care for Children’s Baby Teeth

Babies typically begin to start teething between six months and one year of age. Once they turn three, most children have a full set of baby teeth. Even though these primary teeth will later fall out and be replaced with permanent teeth, it is no less vital to care for them as though they will always be there. Baby teeth serve a very important purpose in your child’s development: they help with chewing, speaking, and smiling, while acting as placeholders in the jaws for the permanent teeth that will erupt later in childhood. Without good early dental care and solid oral hygiene routines, the risk is greater that problems with baby teeth may lead to dental and orthodontic issues sometime down the road.

Your child’s first pediatric dental care appointment will serve to check for general dental concerns such as cavities, as well as to demonstrate some of the best ways to clean your child’s teeth. As they grow, our dentist can continue to monitor their dental health, isolate any potential problems as early as possible, and provide you with further education as to how to transition your child into developing their own good oral hygiene routines. We can also talk with you about preventive care options such as cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants (a common treatment for children that can help ward against cavities for years once their permanent teeth start to come in).

Here at Beautiful Smiles, our dentist and his compassionate team of dental professionals place a high priority on providing children with the most comfortable experience possible – we even offer a number of amenities to make your child’s dental visit both educational and fun. If you would like more information on our dental care services for children, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today!

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