How to Fix a Chipped Tooth

Natural teeth are some of the strongest parts of the body; however, they are not indestructible. In fact, “chipped” teeth are some of the more common dental concerns we see here at Beautiful Smiles. Most often caused by a fall, a traumatic impact to the face, or by opening a package or a bottle with the teeth (which is a big no-no!), even just a small chip can have a significant effect on the way your smile looks. Chipped teeth can also create functional dental problems, and even lead to overall oral health concerns. With all of this in mind, the important thing to know is that there are numerous treatment options available from Dr. Harold A. Pollack that can fix a chipped tooth with results that provide long-lasting, natural-looking restoration.

One of the most popular treatments for a chipped tooth is the porcelain veneer. Designed to cover the front part of the tooth and “hide” the chip, a porcelain veneer is custom-designed for the best possible fit and appearance. Porcelain veneers are also extremely durable, restoring the affected tooth with results that can last decades.

Cosmetic dental bonding offers another popular option for fixing a chipped tooth. This procedure involves the application of a tooth-colored resin to the tooth, which is carefully shaped to provide the same dimensions and appearance of the tooth before it was damaged. The length of results afforded by cosmetic dental bonding is typically not as extensive when compared to porcelain veneers; however, with the proper care, the outcome can last for years.

For chips so severe that the very health and structural soundness of the tooth are in danger, a custom dental crown may be the best alternative. These restorations cover the entire tooth, enhancing both structure and appearance while working to prevent further deterioration. During your initial consultation with Dr. Pollack, he will evaluate the affected tooth and determine whether a porcelain veneer, cosmetic bonding, or a full dental crown is suitable for your needs and goals.

Would you like to learn more about the advanced treatments available at our practice? Please contact Beautiful Smiles by Dr. Harold A. Pollack with any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you renew your smile!

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