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Dental Problems/Treatments

Scientifically Structured Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry & Dental Health

We believe that dental health is much more than a quick fix. We take a scientific, four-step approach to giving you a healthy, attractive smile:

Biology – First, we look for disease and any problems caused by bacteria. Are the gums healthy? Is there tooth decay?
Structure – Next we address the structure of your teeth. Are there loose crowns? Cracks? Cavities?
Function – Then we look at how your teeth come together. Is there a bite problem? Are any teeth missing or out of alignment? Does your jaw crack or pop?
Aesthetics – Finally, we look at aesthetics. With cosmetic dentistry at our Millburn, New Jersey practice, we can straighten, whiten, and improve the look of your teeth. This may involve dental implants, teeth whitening, or porcelain veneers.

All of these are taken into account when our New Jersey cosmetic dentist, Dr. Harold Pollack, treats you. During your visit, you’ll find that we use the latest equipment to ensure that you receive the best dental care available. Additionally, we work very hard to keep you comfortable throughout your visit. That includes things like blankets and stereo headphones to keep you relaxed while you’re in the chair – or perhaps a hand to hold for a child.

Comprehensive Dental Treatments